What we do

Customisation of bicycles

We want people to love their bikes and enjoy them to the fullest. This is why we help them make their bikes truly their — by painting them in the right colour, choosing the most appropriate accessories, adding a personal touch like a drawing or a sign. Let us tell you more about that service of ours.

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Restoration of bicycles

We have brought back to life a 30 years old road Peugeot, a 70 years old Diamant, a 80 years old Bianchi… Bikes have stories to tell and we are there to help you keep them for the years to come. Read more about restoration of bicycles.

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Bike repairs in a boutique workshop

We have seen and worked on many bikes — old and new. We can clean the chain of your bike and align the wheels. We can fix the way it shifts gears and fix the rear hub with internal gears. Just let us know what issues you have with the bike.

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Why 1bike — a boutique bicycle shop

1bike was born for three reasons — the desire to build beautiful things, the passion for bikes and the need to fix our own two-wheeled pals. In the beginning of the story the three above transformed a basement in the picturesque city of Dryanovo into a small workshop. It then grew to a small studio with a painting chamber and an impressive amount of tools for bikes of all sizes and ages. Today 1bike is a boutique bicycle shop with workshops in Sofia and Dryanovo in Bulgaria. We live for the work we do, the bikes we create and rebuild and the gratitude of their owners.

Our portfolio

Every week a few bikes leave our workshop — repainted, restored or both.
Go straight to the list with all of our bikes. Please, keep in mind that the portfolio is not fully updated. If you would like to see all bikes, please go through the portfolio in the Bulgarian version of the website.