We know that you love your bicycle and that even if it is not the most expensive or luxury bike in the world, it is still the best for you. And since you are here, you obviously have thought about upgrading it. In other words – make it even better, a custom bicycle for you needs and desires.

1bike started as a custom bicycles studio in 2013. Up to this date we have 145 bikes in our portfolio — bikes that have been customised by their owners to fit their needs and desires. Since we have spend thousands of hours doing this, we believe we are really good at it.

Custom bicycles at 1bike

Customisation of a bicycle can take many forms. We have specialised in repainting, redesign, rebranding and offering an incredible variety of different accessories.

Most of our clients send their bikes to our workshop and we give them the change they want — it might be a new frame colour, a special combination of accessories or mechanical improvements. If you do not have a bike of your own, but you want a customised one, we can help you by finding the best and most appropriate frame for your needs and build it up or find an old one and renovate it for you.

And now… the services that let us customise bicycles.

Repainting of bicycles

We can repaint your whole bicycle – frame, fork, part of the accessories. We are using some standard techniques, but we have also developed some methods of our own so that we can fulfil every wish.

We offer two types of painting – with car paint or powder paint. Both are very different and are suitable for different types of projects. And while with car paint we are absolutely free in picking colours, we are a bit restricted when it comes to powder painting.

Draw by hand

We are proud to be working with a couple of fantastic artists, who can beautifully draw everything on your bicycle frame. They can draw a single line of text, or a stylish, yet simple drawing, or they can draw your whole bike with complex paintings.

So far we have experimented and developed some really cool methods to make abstract paintings on frames, as well as a variety of impressive effects.


Stickers are the most popular way to rebrand your bicycle nowadays. We are working with a great print company in Bulgaria to produce the best stickers for your bicycle. Moreover, we can draw them for you or vectorise an image (especially when we have to restore the stickers of a 60 years old bicycle). Basically we cover it all 🙂

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What’s your idea for a custom bike?