Well, let us present you our team.



Don’t ask how it all started. He will tell you the stereotyped story — years of working for large companies, tiredness, lack of freem time and an ever growing need for an enormous change. The other thing is that he grew up surrounded by bicycles. At high school he earned his pocket money by fixing bikes. His first bike shop had been in the basement for a long time, until one day his father got frustrated by the noise and opened a bike shop.


Ivan has always been led by passion, the feel for freedom and the desire to create beautiful things. He fell in love with bikes in Sweden a few years ago. Today he is more than happy to ride a bike to work.

Chief Mechanic

When we first met, Nikola broke into our workshop and said — “Guys, from now on I work here. Now go get me a beer!” We already knew that Nikola will be part of 1bike’s team. We are really proud of Nikola for his ability to find his way through mechanical challenges. And we get these all the time!

Social media master

From the day we met her for the first time Denny brings beauty and smiles in our lives and 1bike. She is the latest and strongest proof that we are incredibly lucky with the work we do and the people we have around us.


Bibi is the free spirit of the company. She is the heart, the soul and the two trained into the craft hands and eyes. Bibi has always been sure what she has to do in life — art. She is great at so many of its forms — paintings, sculptures, interior design, web design. She is one of those fly-by-night people whose inspiration does not know day and night.

Partner and chief mechanic

The good things we are building would not have any value if they did not do their job. Krastin is Alex’ father. He is also the chief mechanic — we rely on his knowledge and ideas every time we need to fix something that is older (or more stubborn) than us.