Meet Naomi! Just as the famous top model, this bike is one those we cannot take our eyes off.

It was a clear task from the very beginning – the less, the best! And some gears if possible πŸ™‚ In other words we had to build a bicycle that has gears, but looks exactly like fixie.

So we bought an old single speed frame and solved the problem with a two-speed Sturmey Archer Kick Shift rear hub. For a city like Sofia this is more than enough when it comes to speeds.

The rear hub is a bit heavy and this changes the balance of the bicycle, but is a compromise that must be made in order to get the looks and of course – get within a budget.


The black paint is somewhat our speciality this summer – we had a lot of orders for black bicycles. To this one we added a few coatings of mate laquer.

Both rims had to be the big accent of that bicycles so we used powder paint to make them red and strong.

We mounted a new bottom bracket, a new chainwheel, new pedals, new seatpost, new saddle and a short, straight handlebar with Mixim brake levers. We used them, since they are small enough to fit on a short handlebar.

When we were ready we took her for a ride in the neighbourhood. Well, it did gather all the attention πŸ™‚

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