The Greeniest Green

The working title of this bicycle was “Hercules”, as the official brand of the bike goes. After that we thought of naming it “The Green Hercules”, but in the end we got stuck on the most evident name “The Greeniest Green”.

Okay, it is not the most typical bicycle name, but it does provide a variety of options to sweet talk it, using short versions like “Greeny”, “Gren” or whatever…

Now, let’s talk serious.

This bicycle is named not simply after its colour, but by the Slovenian Alps. A few years ago we were driving through this lovely country and we must admit – we have never seen greener landscape. Don’t get us wrong – we love the Bulgarian countryside and if you want to visit us, we would love to show you truly amazing places. But the green we saw in Slovenia was unrealistically green.

And we are proud that we mixed that colour by ourselves – adding and removing some bits till we get the effect we were after. In the end the otherwise perfect “Hercules” bicycle got a new, shiny outfit.

This is all we did – repaint. But it was not a simple white or black colour – it was a deliberately sought combination of black components, chrome and metallic green.

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