Uncle Dantcho’s Bianchi

Uncle Dantcho’s Bianchi is one of the funniest project we have had so far. Uncle Dantcho came a few times to our workshop, asking us about prices, checking our work or just chatting about bicycles. He always wanted us to give him a specific number for the restoration work he wanted us to do on his bike. And we kept on persisting that it is quite impossible to give an exact number, since we haven’t seen the bicycle so far.

So one day he came with his old Bianchi and asked once again “How much?”. We started calculating… Changing the bottom bracket (the old one was long gone), fixing the brakes (they were practically non-existent) and of course – repainting it in a closer to the original form way.

At one point of the discussion he simply raised his hands and said: “Okay, I do not want to listen about prices, things that have to be fixed or anything like that. Just… do it as if it is your bicycle”.


Now that is something that we were truly happy to hear 🙂 We immediately ordered Bianchi stickers and got to preparing his frame for repainting.

It was a long process since the old paint was bad. In the end, we managed to mix exactly the same tone of yellow paint and really got this bicycle the closest to its original looks.

There was a lot to be done with the gears, brakes. Everything that had to feel stiff was loose. There were strange noises coming from the hubs… But it was a pleasure job. In the end, the result speaks for itself:

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